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Restoration Work in Westchester? We Can Help

Regional Mold is among the premiers and can restore your home or business in Westchester, NY to its original condition or even better. We have made countless residences glimmer with our state-of-the-art work. Moreover, if you have problems, our team will come to you to assess the damages. After inspections, they’ll suggest the best treatment that’ll fix your house. Remember, we provide free quotes, and the quotes will always be in your budget.

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Our Restoration Services

Regional Mold offers a wide range of restoration services at competitive pricing. Whether you need it for commercial or residential purposes, we provide them all under one roof. Our professional and qualified staff can take any restoration task heads on. Even you’ll be surprised after the work is done. The restoration services we provide at your disposal are related to fire, water, flood, and smoke damage restorations. 

Moreover, we are not restricted to restoration services only but also have expertise in providing top-class cleaning services. If you need us for residential or commercial reasons, we’ll make them sparkling new. Our cleaning staff works on finesse and has completed countless cleaning tasks perfectly. Their sheer determination has put them on top and has never left until the customers are satisfied to the fullest. 

Hand Amiya
Hand Amiya
I'm a single dad of 3 children, I work long hours and don't have the time or knowledge to deal with home repairs. Regional Mold LLC was able to help me with my paint issues and get it done quickly so I had more time with my kids. They were professional, easy to work with, and did an excellent job!
James Love
James Love
Regional Mold LLC removed the water that had accumulated in our basement last summer. They were very nice and professional when they came. They came out right away and took care of the problem. I don't know what we would have done without them!
Edwin Powell
Edwin Powell
I had a nasty flood in my basement, and I called Regional Mold. The owner came out right away to take care of the issue! He was very nice too-I felt like he really cared about what was going on with my home. As a result, I didn't have to worry about anything when everything was fixed. The service was top notch.
Newlon Wendklandson
Newlon Wendklandson
Awesome service and made me feel extremely comfortable asking him all the questions to get the proper answers! Thanks for your kind service.
Diann Laine
Diann Laine
Needed a restoration work for my house, i told them how it was and how i wanted it now. They just listened to me and did exactly what i said. The end results were simply awesome. Thanks guys
Thomas Wyatt
Thomas Wyatt
I was a little tight, i thought their services would be quite expensive. But they charged me a decent price.
Kenneth Eckhardt
Kenneth Eckhardt
Had a great experience and i got a fair price.
I live in a place where we get a lot of rain and the roof leaked. I called Regional Mold and they were there as soon as I could imagine. They helped me through the process of restoring the damage and were so patient with my demanding schedule. I don't know what I would have done without them!
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Water Damage Restoration Westchester, NY

Water has its advantages, but it has a dark side too. It can slip through your house foundation, walls, or flooring when left unnoticed, and the damage that it will make can be beyond your imagination. On the other hand, you can never predict the damage a flood can cause to your house. But, if you have come across it, Regional Mold can assist you with its expertise. We have mastered it and can take on any restoration task with ease. 

Moreover, our inspection team will look for every damage and perform restoration tasks accordingly. We guarantee you that we’ll always be on your side when you are in this tough situation. Our courteous staff will help you restore your house and ensure the end results are according to your expectations. 

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Fire Damage Restoration Westchester, NY

There might be countless reasons for the fire ignition, but gas leakages are the most prominent ones. Fire can be lethal and can leave your home in ashes when not extinguished on time. That doesn’t happen every day, but the results can be devastating. If you have encountered this situation, then you might need a helping hand. That is when Regional Mold jumps in to rescue you. 

Upon arrival, our professional staff will inspect the damages and calculate what needs to be done to illuminate your house back to life. Your place might need smoke or odor removal services if your damage is very limited. But, if the fire is immense, then the damages would be according to it. In that case, Regional Mold can use its expertise and will remove every trace of the damage as if it never happened. We’ll provide you with quality services at a fraction of our competitors’ prices. And believe us, we’ll treat you the best way possible and keep you informed about everything that needs to be done. 

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Mold Restoration & Remediation in Westchester

Mold can be very destructive when not treated on time. It may not look that way on the surface of the material, but it disrupts the grain structure of wood from inside. It is utterly dangerous, and the damage can be beyond repairs and can seriously cost you big bucks. Unfortunately, if you are the one who is facing it, then Regional Mold can assist you with its expertise for Mold Removal in Westchester, NY

Mold is a bacterial organism that grows where water is present. It spreads at a very accelerated rate if not treated on time and can be very harmful to the building and its people. Mold can originate anywhere, that is, inside the wall, ceiling, or remote part of the house where you don’t frequently go. 

Mold can cause allergies and can turn into cancer too. This is not a normal situation; hence you should always be careful when you come across it. Moreover, if you have a satisfactory cleaning schedule, it will still come back until or unless the professionals give special treatments. 

To get rid of and protect your loved ones, call Regional Mold at the earliest. We provide cost-effective mold removal services for homes and businesses all over Westchester, NY.


Westchester County is situated in the state of New York. Population-wise, it is the 7th largest county in New York, with over 1 million residents. Westchester covers an approximate area of 450 sq miles, and under that area comes six cities, 19 towns, and over 20 villages. 

In 2011 the average income of a household was over $77000, making this county the highest property taxpayer all over the US in 2013. Apart from economics, the temperature in summers is humid but a little colder towards the coast. Whereas it can be wet in the winters, and snowfall of over 20 inches can be expected all over the county. 

The education system in Westchester is amongst the best in New York. Twenty-eight of its schools rank in the top 100 in the continental US. Moreover, the county has developed a biotech sector with over $1.2 billion of investment in this field that will create countless jobs for the locals. 




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