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Every day in the US, there are over 10 million water damage insurance claims. Yikes!

That’s more than 365 million claims a year. How can you be expected to keep up? We know how frustrating water damage can be for everyone involved. But we as a  Restoration Company also know how important it is to act fast and get back to normal as soon as possible. Our team has the training and expertise needed to help during this stressful time. 

What’s strange is most aren’t aware of the types of Water Damage they have

There are several types of water damage (which require Property Restoration Work) usually always due to lack of maintenance with plumbing systems or accidental damage from an internal or external source like a broken pipe, burst pipe, or even just rainwater entering your home. Learn the signs with treatments available for all types of water damage restoration including flood restoration, sewer backup, broken or cracked pipe restoration services.

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Types of Water Damage

First off, the water doesn’t always come from a flood—could be a broken pipe, shower leak, or who knows what else. So while dried-up messes are one thing, standing water is another. And if it gets to certain areas like your ceiling or floor joists – things can get dicey pretty fast.

But there are actually many different ways water can get to your stuff and ruin it – mold, wood rot, corrosion, etc.

Therefore we feel that It’s our responsibility to help you know what kind of water damages may occur on your property and educate you on what needs to be done in order to provide 

Grey Water Damage

Grey water is perhaps one of the most misunderstood types of water damage. Water damage is stressful in its own right, but when you have grey water coming out of your walls, you cannot be blamed for getting a bit paranoid! Grey water damage may not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to bigger problems if left untreated.

Grey water mainly comprises water coming from washing machines, toilets, or appliances. It’s not necessarily harmful to humans however can pose a significant threat if it contains infectious substance. It’s still important to clean and disinfect the affected items so if they carry any chemical or infectious material, they get rid of it, which can potentially harm humans in the future. 

Greywater damage can be hard to detect because it can creep up behind you.

Your washer is on the fritz, you’ve already cleaned the clothes and don’t feel like waiting another day for them to be ready so you decide to do a load of laundry by hand. After everything is dry, you notice a strange stain on one of your shirts. It looks almost like it came from the washing machine, but how could that be? As you try to figure out what happened you start to remember that there was an overflowing pipe in your basement that caused a small flood. Perhaps that had something to do with it?

Greywater damage can be prevented by having your pipes checked regularly for leaks (using proper tools). Also, make sure the water level in your tub never exceeds

It is estimated that 30% of homes are affected by greywater damage. But even if you’re not directly affected, grey water damage can still cost a lot of money through increased business insurance premiums and other indirect costs.

Grey water damage has many causes including leaky appliances, washing machine overflow during the spin cycle, or simply pouring a cup of tea down the sink! This happens when sewers or pipes become blocked with grease and other fats. One of the best ways to protect against grey water damage is to prevent waste from building up in your drains and pipes in the first place. 

Grey water specialists help mitigate damages by removing standing water and drying out damp carpets, floors, and walls. We use deodorizing agents to eliminate off-putting scents left behind by floodwaters. Our team is trained and equipped to clean up any mess; no matter how severe the issue. 

Black Water Damage

The most terrible form of water damage is black water, it can include water from sewage, floods, ground, and seawater. It requires an immediate and prompt response to mitigate potential risks and threats. You will need to remove a lot of material and stuff from your property and can only place it back after getting proper disinfecting from a reliable service. 

Blackwater damage has been found to be one of the most serious forms of water damage there is. This particular type of water damage requires immediate action if you are to save your home.

If you suspect that your home or office may have been exposed to black water, flood, sewage or any other form of water damage then don’t hesitate – call a reliable water damage restoration service immediately.

There is a big difference between water damage repair and restoration.

It’s not just the labor costs. You’re also paying for water removal, dehumidification, drying and sanitizing any affected area, as well as replacing damaged items like carpets or furniture. If you’ve got black water damage, it may be possible to save your clothing or important documents. But time is essential, so act quickly! 

If your home or business has been flooded with black water, you know all too well the smell and damage this can cause.

It’s unpleasant. It’s disgusting. And it can quickly erase decades of hard work in mere moments. You need a professional to handle clean up and drying out flooding from black water damage – fast! Don’t let a disaster like this ruin your life. Call an expert before mold has a chance to set in or walls have time to warp! 

Blackwater damage is a big pain.

Through no fault of your own, water is invading your home or office. You need to act quickly to get rid of the black water and stop it from spreading further. There are two choices for getting rid of black water–drying everything out yourself, or having a professional do it for you. We offer the fastest, most cost-effective way to dry out your property by placing one in your flooded material within 24 hours of when the flood happened. 

When water damage strikes, it is crucial to take immediate action to prevent further damage from being caused and to ensure the property is restored to its pre-loss condition – as quickly as possible. This minimizes the total loss suffered by the home or business owner and ensures continuity of operations is maintained. With a little time, effort and planning, you can repair your property without the need for costly replacement of building materials.

Clean Water Damage

Usually, it is considered the least damaging of different types of water damage. Precisely the reason why it’s labeled clean water as it mainly involves water from broken sinks, bathtubs, water supply lines, or broken pipes. So there are no toxins and things affected by it can be easily dried up without fretting about the potential side effects. 

Cleaning up dirty messes is no fun. It can be frustrating, expensive, and devastating. The worst thing about water damage is that it can strike when you least expect it. From leaking pipes to burst mains, an emergency can quickly become a serious problem. It can lead to mold and mildew if the issue is not timely addressed. Constant moisture in your home’s walls, floors, and ceilings will degrade wood paneling and floorboards not to mention the damage it is doing to your home’s structure.

Dehumidifiers quickly remove moisture from the air. And because they’re designed for use in homes, they are safe to use around valuable furniture, appliances, and other household items – unlike portable desiccant dehumidifiers that hang on window frames or sit on window sills.

The water damage restoration industry has a dirty secret. Mold removal is not as simple as it seems and mold removal companies are often less than honest. Mold can be a significant health concern, especially when it starts to cause health problems such as allergies and Asthmas.

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Our Water Damage Removal Process

The water removal process often involves complicated and messy operations such as digging open holes, using special equipment, or finding a technician available on short notice. We specifically specialize in Flood Damage Restoration as well considering New York City is one of the few areas where flooding can become an issue specially around Brooklyn Bridge and other bridges across the entire City.

Damage Inspection

When water damage occurs, it needs to be promptly assessed. Left unattended, water damage can quickly worsen and become a serious issue. The longer you wait before getting help from professionals, the costlier it gets for you. 

Water damage is the biggest cause of home insurance claims across North America. Don’t get left in a flood – act now. With a water damage inspection, you can prevent what happens next; costly repairs and lost data or property. 

Water damage can be devastating. Being uninformed about the problem could lead to even more serious issues.

If you do not take immediate action, water damage can lead to structural degradation of your property or business. To prevent this from happening, you need a professional inspection every year!  A water damage inspection will protect your investment and make sure that no hidden issues are lurking in the midst of your property or business’s foundation. 

Water Extraction

When water extraction is in need, it’s usually a pressing emergency. You want to solve the issue quickly and efficiently, but you also want to be smart about it. It may not be life-threatening if you don’t get your water extraction fixed immediately, but it will detract from everyday living and put a damper on the things you want to do.

This is why it pays to know who you can trust – a water extraction technician who has been working for years in the industry, one who is familiar with solving the most difficult problems related to this line of work, and one who can provide excellent service on any scale.

Our professionals use state of the art modern equipment to help divert the water on your property safely away from any hazardous places that may cause life threatening injuries. We focus sorely on using a pump that’s able to suck the water out of specific rooms and give the place a better look

Drying & Dehumidification

Dryness and dampness can cause extensive damage. Be it in your home or your office. Moisture leads to mold, mildew, condensation, and musty smells. Uncomfortable and dangerous for anyone exposed to these conditions! Let the experts do a professional dehumidification assessment of your situation. Then we can create a perfect solution with the least disturbance to your daily routine. We guarantee that our services will add value to your property – whether residential or commercial. 

Cleaning & Sanitzation

Water damage is a major headache for homeowners. From the chaos of wet carpets to the expense of drying out your property, it’s not a process you want to repeat any time soon!

Water damage can also put you at risk of bacteria, fungi, and mold growing in your home. Luckily we are here to help prevent this from happening with our water damage cleaning and sanitizing services. The clean-up after water damage can be extremely tedious. The mop and bucket brigade just won’t cut it when it comes to serious flood damage restoration. Your home or business suffers from a serious flood damage event even in the tiniest of areas, and you need rapid drying out of it as quickly as possible.

Our highly trained team is on hand 24/7 for all water removal services. From basement flood repair to removing standing water from flooded basements, we have got you covered!

Moving Belongings Out

What happens if there’s a flood? The longer you stay in a flooded home, the more damage is done. And imagine what happens when it’s time to move out after the flood. You need furniture moved out, carpets cleaned and walls repaired. But who will do it? Your house is uninhabitable, and we’ll help with the relocation until the process is complete. 

From flooded basements, bathrooms, and kitchens to damaged interiors caused by burst pipes or even a broken dishwasher, our flood restoration service professionals have seen it all before and know exactly what to do…

What kind of Buildings Do We Work on

Our technicians are available for your home or business no matter where its found in New York City. We believe in our ability to provide the best water removal services around, regardless of commercial or residential buildings.  Below is a list of projects we’ve completed over the past few years with our services.

We Service the following: 

  • Stores
  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Condos
  • Apartments
  • Factories
  • Homes
  • And more!
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