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Property Restoration

Storms don’t announce themselves, and they don’t wait for office hours. No matter when you get hit with water or mold damage, you will need help. The problem is an emergency can strike at any time. If your home has been affected by a hurricane, fire, or flood, you need property restoration services immediately. Regional Mold LLC provides complete restoration services after an unexpected disaster.

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General Cleaning

Cleaning becomes one of the most tedious and energy-draining tasks after a hectic week routine eats work. However, no one wants to live in a dirty home. Whether you live in a house or just in a 2-bed apartment, cleaning is a quite tiring and exhausting chore. Regional Mold LLC is offering a full range of cleaning services to the residents of the area.

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Residential Cleaning

Cleaning is not the most glamorous thing. It is a daunting task. No one likes to doing vacuuming and mopping. At Regional Mold LLC, We do the dirty work literally, from sanitizing and deodorizing your bathroom to cleaning the windows, emptying the wastebaskets, and even making the beds.

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Commercial Cleaning

A clean and tidy workplace appeals aesthetically but is necessary for the health and general well-being of people services. We are committed to delivering satisfactory and reliable cleaning services. We are a team of professionals, experienced and skilled cleaners. We assure you that you will get a detailed and deep-cleaned workplace.

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Painting Services

There is nothing more exciting and soothing than living in a newly painted home. Regional Mold LLC is a leading painting company that takes pride in transforming hundreds of houses and commercial properties inside-out. We can make any wall go from bleak to chic with our artistic painting techniques.

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Small Remodeling

Regional Mold is here for all your remodeling and maintenance needs. We are a full-service home remodeling company skilled at transforming your home in the way you need. Our designers and remodeling contractors are never hesitant to go above and beyond to cater to your requirements. We have the expertise to convert your abstract ideas to a concrete reality. We’ll love to sit with you for a cup of coffee and create a blueprint for your project. Rest assured, the results will exceed your expectations.

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Basement Cleaning

Basements are places that many of us tend to forget. So the basement can become dirty after being used for storage or for other activities that don’t require a clean and organized place. When it’s time to clean a basement, you may feel like it is impossible to accomplish. When you have managed to let the junk pile up in your basement over the years, at Regional Mild LLC, we can help you get it clean.

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Move In Move Out

Moving is a stressful yet exciting transition event in anyone’s life. From packing to cleaning, there is much to do in a short time with a hectic work routine. Regional Mold LLC provides professional moving cleaning and disinfection services in New York.

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