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After a tough day at work, it is nearly impossible to start cleaning the house. That’s where we come in.

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Professional Residential Cleaning services to clean and disinfect

Cleaning is not the most glamorous thing, it is a daunting task, no one likes vacuuming and mopping. After a tough day at work it is nearly impossible to start cleaning the house. That’s where we come in at Regional Mold LLC. We do the dirty work literally, from sanitizing, sterilizing and deodorizing your bathroom to cleaning the windows, emptying the wastebaskets, and even making the beds.

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Effective cleaning and disinfection service

According to WHO, one of the best ways to prevent the spread of illness in your home is a preventative schedule of cleaning and disinfection? Our cleaning services includes cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and Sanitization to ensure complete decontamination of your property. Our technicians use state of the art technology and techniques to disinfect your entire home. We ensure that all of the dangerous pathogens and viruses are removed with EPA registered disinfectants.

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A reliable house cleaning service you can count on

Our home cleaning experts specialize in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere by thoroughly managing the environment. As a leading cleaning company with many years of successful experience, we ensure healthy cleaning services. All of our products are EPA approved, biodegradable, naturally derived, and do not contain any harmful substance, so that you can trust us. Moreover, all of our team members are licensed, insured, and background checked. So we won’t risk you and your home’s safety.

What we clean per request

  • Wiping and cleaning the inside, outside, and below regions of all the appliances and furniture of your home
  • Making all the walls and furniture spotless
  • Thorough cleaning and removal of dust from fans
  • Mopping and vacuuming of all the rooms to eradicate every single particle of the dust.
  • Wiping the inside and outside of kitchen and bathroom cabinets per client’s request
  • Complete cleaning of doors, windows, and door handles
  • Disinfections of all the showers, toilets, and sinks
  • Trash emptied

Health benefits of hiring professional cleaning services

A clean home reduces allergies.

Regular dusting, sweeping and mopping is not the most effective way to remove dust and other allergens from your home. We implement air scrubbing during the process removing particles and pathogens while we clean. Those who suffer from respiratory problems will notice a relief in their symptoms when their home is professionally cleaned.

Regular cleaning eliminates mold.

Tile floors, bathroom fixtures, and other water areas are prone to mold and mildew. Regular cleaning prevents the growth of mold. Recommend (Steam Cleaning)

Lack of clutter prevents injuries.

A professionally cleaned and organized living space can help to reduce the risk of injury by minimizing the clutter. We will improve the cleanliness and overall safety of your home.

Clean houses reduce stress

Some common health issues originate from stress. A cleaned home will prevent the unnecessary worry of finding things. Even routine chores such as making the beds, doing the dishes, and sweeping will seem less stressful when your house is clean.

A happy, healthy, and safe home with us

How safe is your home? Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve explored various avenues for best serving our customers. That’s why we offer various cleaning options. Leaving your home the safest place possible.

All of the residential cleaning services based on your needs

Our cleaners provides all of the services you need for a spotless home. From dusting and mopping to folding a load of laundry, cleaning the fridge, and vacuuming the carpet, we can do it all. We can discuss your needs and provide you with cleaning services tailored to your requirements.

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Disasters never ring your bell before befalling! When a disaster strikes your property, or you need a general upgrade to make it look more appealing, Regional Mold LLC is your go-to restoration company. We are a renowned and reliable company known for handling every project with dexterous competence. We are running a licensed, insured, and certified business in New York. By using industry-leading equipment and using state-of-the-art techniques, our services remain unsurpassed even after years. Trust us when we say that you won’t find better and more qualified restoration contractors because our quality speaks for our reputation. For prompt response, immediate action, and proper consultation, give us a call!

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