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Flooding can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home and belongings specially when It can strike at the most unexpected times, which seems to happen alot in New York. All of a sudden, you see family pictures destroyed, your walls dented, and you’re left with the prospect of a major clean-up. If you find your property flooded with water, you’ll need specialist Property Restoration experts in around Poughkeepsie any NYC. 

In the unfortunate event when you need immediate flood damage restoration, Regional Mold can help. We handle every job with the utmost professionalism and a sense of urgency. We stand out from others because we understand that this isn’t just about recovering from an incident – it’s about getting your life back on track as quickly as possible. Not only do we help remove the excessive water, but we also remove mold growth using our proven flood restoration techniques. We are available 24/7 with responsive service, getting you back into your home as soon as we can.

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Common Causes of Floods in Poughkeepsie

Weather is one of the main causes of flood, but not the only one. Heavy rainfall, tropical conditions, and climate change are unpredictable factors that can cause flooding. However, there are other causes that are pre-treatable. Most flooding arises due to a lack of attention to water leaks, poor drainage systems, clogged gutters and sewers, and damaged foundations. All these causes are treatable with proper planning and maintenance, but if you are stuck in a flooded situation, know that Regional Mold is here to help!

flood damage restoration poughkeepsie
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How Flooding Damages your Property

Floodwater can contain any number of harmful bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, etc. The effects left by a flood can cause many problems depending on the actual cause of the flooding. No matter what caused the flood, it is never desirable. Along with the health safety risks, economical loss, and emotional trauma, floods can damage property to a severe extent. There are a lot of examples of flood damages, including structural damages, electrical damages, appliance damage, mold damage, and contamination in your water systems.

Flood water directly comes in contact with your structure and foundation. Major structural damages include roof damage, foundation cracking, buckling floors and walls. Electrical damage is another major concern of property owners because it can be life-threatening. Even after the property is restored thoroughly, there is still a chance for mold and mildew damage. Regional Mold understands all these criticalities and caters to your restoration needs according to the situation. 

Our Flood Damage Restoration Process

Regional Mold is your solution when you are stuck in a disastrous situation. Unlike other restoration companies, we don’t keep you waiting. Our team will come up with a quick solution and comprehensive procedure to restore your property. Below are the steps of our flood restoration.


Next, we will do a detailed evaluation of the damage that’ll help us create a roadmap for the project. The amount of property damage decides the time it’ll take us to complete the restoration. Our experts will check the water level and calculate the time it has been standing in there. We will also assess the class and category of the water to finalize which treatment and technique we’ll use. The porousness of the material like wood floors, baseboards, and drywalls help us know the severity of the damage and estimate our work.

Turning Off Gas & Electricity

On reaching the affected area, our team ensures that your family members are at a safe distance with all the electrical and gas units turned off. When water passes through pipes and walls, there are high chances of the short circuit leading to fatal damage such as electric shock or fire damage. We’ll have our electrician check the circuits to create a safe ground before we enter the premises. 

Water Drainage & Drying

Water removal is a crucial step to start with the restoration process. We come fully prepared with portable wet/dry vacuums, truck-mounted vacuums, and submersible pumps to remove the water completely. We use high-power pumps designed to absorb water quickly from any surface, including floors and carpets 

Drying out your property boosts its resale value and helps protect your family from mold, corrosion, and other long-term damage that can creep into homes that have been flooded. Once we are sure that there is no water left in any corner, we’ll put air movers and air blowers to dry out all the surfaces and walls.

Mold Prevention

Where there is water or moisture, there is a good chance for mold to grow. Even if the flood struck area is fully dried and restored, moisture in the air can cause mold to grow rapidly. If Mold is left untreated, it will continue to grow and potentially wreak havoc on your home. One of the things we can do with our Mold Remediation Services is We’ll put dehumidifiers all over the affected area to ensure no moisture is absorbed behind the walls or down the floors. Our experts will sanitize all the surfaces and deodorize the area using HEPA air filters. 

Insurance Support

Our company is connected to major insurance companies and bonded for public work. Your insurance paperwork is no problem for us! If your home insurance policy contains a calamity claim, our adjusters will deal with all the hassle of covering the restoration cost. As soon as we reach your place, our experts will take pictures of everything damaged during the flood. From initial assessment to the final paperwork for the claim, we’ll be with you on every step. 

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The quality of our services is something we never compromise!


Your satisfaction is our priority, so we make sure we exceed it!

Certified Company

We are an IICRC certified company that makes us stand out.


Our team includes professional restoration technicians, contractors, painters, and cleaners.

 Frequetly Asked Questions  for our Flood Restoration Poughkeepsie, NY

Our Flood Restoration Work is the best around in Poughkeepsie with our company keeping up with the IICRC Cleaning Certification regulations for Restoration work across NYC.

Here are some of the questions that we get regularly asked about in terms of our services.

Are Wet Walls Dangerous?

One of the many reasons water damage converts into an electrical hazard is that water gets behind the walls and insulation. When the water reaches the wiring, the walls become electrically charged, making your property even more dangerous to enter.

Does Homeowners' Policy Cover Water Damage?

Generally, homeowners’ insurance policy covers any damage done by a sudden water leak or natural calamity such as floods. When water overflows in your property, damaging your belongings, you can claim coverage from your insurance company. 

One of the many reasons water damage converts into an electrical hazard is that water gets behind the walls and insulation. When the water reaches the wiring, the walls become electrically charged, making your property even more dangerous to enter.

Can my House be Saved in a Flood?

t depends on the damage your house has undergone. If the flood was severe, causing waves of water to strike your property, it might not be salvageable. However, if the damage is on the surface level, a professional can restore your property to its pre-damaged condition. 

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Why Regional Mold  in Poughkeepsie

With Regional Mold, there’s no emotional and financial suffering after the flood. We truly understand what our clients have been through, which is why we don’t make it worse. We care about you and your property as if it is our own. Here are some of the many reasons why hiring us for flood restoration is the best choice for your property!

Immediate Response 

A flood is a flood, whether limited to your basement or affected the whole property. We follow up on any sized project with the same response. We are the preferred choice of our customers because of our fast response rate and immediate action to your needs. We are here to help you recover quickly from any water disaster, big or small. Our highly efficient team is just minutes away, no matter what time or where your property is located!

Latest Equipment

Flood damage is a nightmare for any homeowner. We understand that you want the problem fixed fast and right the first time. Our trained crews carry the best equipment, and our mobile flood restoration unit is equipped to tackle any flood problem quickly and effectively. Our network of experienced disaster recovery professionals has the training and equipment needed to ensure your home is safe and habitable again. We use the latest range of water removal and drying equipment, including pumps, fans, HEPA vacuums, and dehumidifiers.

Certified Flood Restoration Experts

Our staff is certified and consistently trained to provide custom-tailored solutions for each specific challenge presented by each job we encounter. Our specialists are IICRC certified, bonded, and insured to use industry-standard practices for all mold remediation projects. Call us today for a free consultation.


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